What we believe!


We believe in compassion, servant hood and that the needs of others come first. We Believe in being courageous in our work and accomplishing the extraordinary. We believe in working together as a team, bonded together by loyalty, trust and accountability. We believe that we must put ourselves in another person’s world so that no need is ever overlooked. We believe in being truthful in what we promise and diligent in what in what we deliver. We believe in managing our business with skill, openness and stewardship to ensure our integrity. We believe that our contributors are our friends and that once a friend always a friend – and we will forever be grateful. We believe in celebrating the joy of serving others, the passion of vision and the fun of accomplishment, 

“Our compass of direction will be focused on the compassion to re-building both the social and spiritual infrastructure of the nation, to build the new generation of youth who can hope again, and contribute in a healthy manner into the positive development and nature of the nation. Changing the heart of youth…………..changes the heart of the future of the nation. 

Our motto I clear, “we simply look for the unloved………………..and love them!”