Regional Director PDC

International Dream Centers / Pakistan Dream Centers are the first faith based commission of its kind in the history of Pakistan doing that needs to be done but no body is doing. This is the time to focus on invisible youth to equip, engage and to established them to live the life they want to live. We believe whatever we have done is a sincere and devoted effort, made up to our maximum capacity. However we understand that our work is a drop in ocean. There is lot of work to be done to bring Pakistan in the line of developed and prosperous countries, that is why, we believe in “team work” and don’t believe on doing of ourselves (one man show). However, we are confident that IDC/PDC efforts will go a long way in improving both physical and spiritual health, promoting education and making prosperous nation by stopping human trafficking, bonded labor and organ harvesting. i would like to invite YOU…………. Yes you to join the journey towards to the human trafficking free Pakistan with International Dream Centers / Pakistan Dream Centers.  We pray to God to give us more courage, potential and capabilities to serve the humanity which is our ultimate goal. 


Shakeel Din

Regional Director – Pakistan Dream Centers