Message from Chairman

A lot has already been said in this Website that reveals my heart, vision and commission, and my love for Pakistan and SE Asia.

As I said in “The Commission” of this Website, God has given us Pakistan, very clearly with all the favor we can possibly conjure, as he gave Joshua the command and gift to the promised land.

Creating an effective “footprint” in a foreign nation is not an easy task, especially taking into consideration the objectivity of our Commission to this country – sexually trafficked young people and rebuilding the spiritual infrastructure and morality of the country. It’s a massive task, not peaching and leaving, but living with the people and adopting their culture and meriting their trust. Like the apostles of old did. 

We do not come to preach……………we come to reach. We do not come to convert………we come to love. (We let the Holy Spirit do the “convincing”). We do not come to compete………..we come to complete! It’s simple, yet very challenging. Focusing on the future generation and leadership of Pakistan, our aim is without compromise……and that is to allow the youth a chance to dream and hope again.

As a faith-based ministry, our purpose could not be any clearer. Our passion to help has obliged our hearts, to achieve life-transforming results in the youth of Pakistan through simple means; love, compassion, impartiality, vision and hope. 

I hope you will appreciate this Website and feel the warmth we all share in rescuing the perishing, and best of all………..you can be a part of this!

Why all the way over in Pakistan and not home in North America? Because God said to go, and Pakistan is number 3 in the world for human trafficked young men! Yep, young men, over 87% of them are “trafficked” in ship containers to other parts of the world, notwithstanding Pakistan is near the border between Asia and Europe. Boys are easier to distribute, easier to ship, easier to re-use over and over again, easier to prepare as youth terrorists, and easier to remove without repercussion.

Pakistan leads the world in the harvesting of human kidneys selling for $100,000 to $400,000 each.

This “commission” costs money, and so far, my youthful staff and I, without salary, have volunteered thousands of hours to invest in Pakistan for the past four years! Now we are expanding and asking YOU to volunteer and partner with us as well. 

Please go to our new Website and use iDonate. Every penny is tax deductible. Help us….help them! Monthly sponsor a staff member! Monthly sponsor a teen in crisis? Monthly sponsor food we distribute to the starving youth and families! We are not financing ministries, programs, things and stuff. We are empowering young people the right to dream again! We are feeding them, educating them, encouraging faith-based worship and rescuing them from homelessness, abuse and organ harvesting and death. 

Thank you to each one of you for your prayers and support and belief in this intense, unusual and first-time-ever ministry undertaken in the history of Pakistan.