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Invest in Pakistan Dream Centers, to Keep the vision alive. Your support means a lot!

2021 is the year of amazing jubilee for International Dream Center and Pakistan Dream Centers. (IDC/PDC) For the first time this is a historical shift to the world. We have been placed in the heart of Islam. These are the first Dream Centers under the leadership of the International Dream Center and Pakistan Dream Centers to the Muslim world. Building the Dream Center in the Middle East (Pakistan) is not about raising a sum of money for buildings. It is about releasing hope and the right of the future generation to dream again. The IDC/PDC impacts the community with a mission to serve the homeless, human trafficked, future generation and nations.

We have gladly received this calling which is an indicative how these Centers in Karachi, Lahore and Faisalabad are moving forward at an astounding rate. Missions and ministry costs money. We are flexible in how we use special gifts to facilitate this growing mission and challenge. IDC/PDC is a supernatural vision that we require supernatural prevision of true riches from heaven/ modeled in the life and mission of Christ.

This next step in explosive revival in Pakistan is assuring we are trustworthy with worldly wealth. Below is our projected opening and operational budgets we encourage you to invest in our mission to rescue the perishing and homeless and human trafficked youth of the Middle East. Thank you for your trustworthy monthly sponsorship or one time donation.

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