Bonded Labor

Bonded labor is clearly no different than modern day slavery of children, young people and their families. The most common arrangement for bonded labor in Pakistan is for a landlord or an employer to extend a loan to laborers, in advance of the work done, on the understanding that this advance payment or peshgi….

be paid back by providing labor. They fail to mention the interest and dowry they put on the child as young as 5 or young person. Or the family or brother who was required to cover the cost of the sister-arranged marriage, and now spends his/her life paying off that debt, that keeps increasing by interest. Families who “loaned” their son or daughter to these unscrupulous landlords, can never get their children back because of the interest, so in some cases, the entire family give of themselves just so they can all be together. 

Sadly, some of the young children are born into these slave-labor camps and don’t know any other kind of life.

Countless young people and children will spend the rest of their lives in slavery, working 7 days a week, with no holidays, from 3 am in the morning until 6 pm at night, and paid a pittance for the amount of bricks they can make and line up. Several of these youth are raped at the pleasure of the landlord or employers. No one says much about it.

We have entered these filthy, dust-filled and unsavory and unsanitary places, where in some cases, we have seen armed guards looking over them.

Read further into our website and you will hear the evidence of one 17 year old young man named Shahzad from Afghanistan and his plea for help and freedom, living in a junky sewer- infested brick hut living off of rice and a few vegetables. No bathing facilities, no bathrooms but outside buckets. I know, I have been to these disgusting places of survival. 

“Yet……..Bonded labor enjoys a degree of cultural acceptance at a broader level in Pakistani society” 

As early as 2014, according to the Global Slavery Index, 2,058,200 people (mostly children and youth) are enslaved in Pakistan. The WFF Index places Pakistan at third position in a list of 167 countries where the problem of human slavery is most severe.

The Punjab and Sindh provinces are hotspots of bonded labor, which is mainly found in the brick making, agriculture and carpet weaving industries, fisheries, stone brick crushing, shoe making and power looms.

 We intend, through Pakistan Dream Centers and help from other nations who deplore this kind of slavery, to put an end to this. How? By educating these youth and families of their rights under the Pakistan Constitution and giving them a faith-based hope for a new lease on life as well as letting these landlords and employers know this is no longer acceptable in the world as we know it!

There is a move in the United States, the United Nations and throughout the free world that this MUST stop.