Beggary is one of the lowest levels of humiliation being adopted to earn money. A person has to have a very high level of tolerance and literally no personal pride in order to tolerate the bashing and insulting remarks of fellow human beings. Once they kids get used to this deplorable treatment, they drift into the human robots feeling  like parasites that are passed from generation to generation.

The ratio of street beggars is multiplying at a very fast rate. 170 million young citizens in Pakistan are professional beggars! A major part of which are Afghan refugees who lost their limbs during the war. You see them on street corners everywhere

 The poverty has caused many people to commit suicide and sell their sons and daughters to huge begging groups. These groups act like the mafia where young men, women and children are given training on how to beg. Their bodies are mutilated intentionally by these “mafia-style” renegades in order to “assemble”  them more deserving to the pity of the people into giving them money.