Why Pakistan Dream Centers.?

Human trafficking in Pakistan. Pakistan is a source, transit, and destination country for men, women, and children subject to human and sex trafficking. Specifically forced labor, (slavery) human organ harvesting, sexual abuse and commercial sex. Estimates of bonded labor victims, including men, women, and youth, vary widely, but are likely well over one million

Pakistan Dream Centers

1.3 million homeless & trafficked youth try to survive on the streets of Pakistan. Emotional, physical, spiritual and financial support is the proactive source of blessing that demands rescue and recovery at the first secure Dream Centers in Pakistan. We provide short & long term residential and protective care giving food, clothing, shelter, education, spiritual support and recreation under armed security. Teenage youth will have the opportunity to dream again. We believe in compassion and the needs of these young people come first. We believe in being courageous in our mission by putting ourselves in another person’s world, so no need is ever overlooked! We believe that our contributors are our best friends and that once a friend always a friend – and we and these teenagers will be forever grateful! We believe in celebrating the joy of rescuing these young people from human slavery and the commercial sex trade, the passion of our vision. We are opening three Dream Centers in Karachi (3rd largest city in the world), Lahore (2nd largest city in Pakistan), Faisalabad (3rd largest city in Pakistan). Karachi & Lahore Dream Centers are already under reconstruction.

Meet the Team

Team of Pakistan Dream Centers

Roger Burt

Dr. Roger Burt

Founder & CEO


Shakeel Din

Regional Director, Lahore


Dr. Samuel George

National Director